Lukas Scott

Lukas Scott is the author of the historical queerotica novels Legion Of Lust and Hot On The Trail and the forthcoming sci-fi blockbuster Second Moon. He can be followed, defriended, poked or avoided on Facebook and Twitter where you can also make suggestions. You can open his portal at

Lukas has a Sizzler Editions Author Profile here

Lukas A-Happy-Finish_wbanner_hi-res

Everyone wants A Happy Finish … get hold of my Sizzler erotica anthology A Happy Finish here

The title story, A Happy Finish, is also published in Elizabeth Coldwell’s steamy erotica collection Sex In London

Fancy a hot free sample? Like to know what married men really get up to? A Ring On His Finger is available at Ophelia’s Muse. You can also read Scar – where a nurse tends to his patient’s need …

What happens when Narcissus creates his clone? Dark erotic science fiction The Clone Zone at Mind Caviar


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