A message from the Falling Leaves of Autumn


I love Autumn. It’s the only season you can trult smell – the rain on fallen leaves. Loving the way a wind will whip up dried leaves, causing a tornado of colour and fecundity around me. The mysterious appearance of fairy rings and exotic toadstools and mushrooms.

The smells of cinnamon and spice in home cooking, and the long slow burn of preparing for Christmas and celebrating the harvest,

I remember coming across a story of a leaf. All its life, it’s been waiting to grow – to become big and green and part of the great green canopy of its brothers and sisters. For a long time, it had been told that leaves were green and that when he reached maturity, it would be green. It was expected of a leaf to be green, like its ancestors always had been .

As the leaf got  ready to unfurl, Autumn arrives, and the green leaf notices its friends are red and orange and brown and gold, all manner of colours. One says to the green leaf:

‘Didn’t you know? You never had to be green. You can be any colour you choose to be.’

This weekend is the Daylight Robbery of time in the UK, when we put our clocks back. Spring forward, Fall Back. Everything seems a little darker, and I’ll be waiting for the snowdrops, a sure sign of spring and light and new life. I don;t approve of humans meddling with time – leave that to the Time Lords. Though look what a mess they’ve made of it, frankly. I’d rather not faff about with changing clocks or deciding to sleep in or get up early.

In the meantime, during the darkness and the cold of winter, remember the message of the falling leaves of Autumn:

Be any colour you choose to be.


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