It’s too big, Jamie….!


A lot of this blog to date has been accompanying a journey of ill health, a recovery from cancer and heart surgery. Which, strangely, is the easy thing to write about. I just write about how something happened to me ,  how I responded, and maybe I aso have a few stories along the way. And you, gentle reader, become my best friend, my confidante.

So what happens when things go OK, and I’m not relying on bad things happening to me to write about? I had a week without hospital appointments last week – my first in three months, and strangely I panicked. What do you do when you’re not relying on doctors to test your bloods, and your body, to see what’s working and what isn’t ? Strangely, you’re supposed to actually enjoy being healthy. No special professional attention – just get on with it. Enjoy your life. It’s a long time since I’ve been there, so it’s disturbing new territory.

And now for the good news

So, for a start, they rediscovered 9 lost episodes of Doctor Who from the stories Web Of Fear and Enemy Of The World, both starring the remarkable  mishchievous space hobo of a Second Doctor Patrick Troughton, of Whose tenure we have so few episodes but so much to  be thankful for – if that first rejuvenation hadn’t been successful, Doctor Who would have died with William Hartnell. So the re-discovery, accompanied by  tales of derring do and secret deals and danger and threats, is terribly, terribly exciting for a Doctor Who fan like myself. Even if I haven’t rushed to appease the BBC’s commercial interests by immediately downloading episodes from i-tunes. I can (just about) wait for the DVDs to come along…

…because, in other good news  (though this won’t shake down the Twitterverse in the same way) I’ve bought a spanking brand new smart/3d tv, blu ray player and fancy soundbar. So I’m all set up to watch black and white episodes of a 60’s cult science fiction show! And, yes, I do find myself losing the remote but I’ve also got a fancy Sonic Screwdriver Universal remote… how does any of it work?!

I started a film course – watching a film a week with a lecture beforehand on a relevant aspect of the film. So far, none of the films have been much cop really. But it gets me out of the house (and away from hat spanking brand new tv).

You gotta accentuate the positive and that’s challenging after being so cautious, so anxious, for so long. But a recent CT scan for the cancer was clear, my cardiologist has reduced my medication and is very pleased with the recovery and rehabilitation. I can let go a little. Retrain myself to think healthy, tothink about now  rather than what might or might not be in the future, what might or might not have happened in the past. Try it for yourself. You might yet find the equivalent of Doctor Who episodes you thought long lost. And find yourself watching them on a glorious widescreen 3D smart tv with realistic surround sound. Which is, after all, how we get to experience that ole thing called ….life. Related articles

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