Gotta Go Home (Barbara Streisand)

So I finally broke out of hospital and got home Sunday night, with that song running through my head. It reminded me of thinking I was cool at the gym when the guys were singing what I thought was the Boney M song but was in fact Duck Soup’s huge club hit…
It took four hours to get signed out and they lost my meds meaning my brother had to make a return visit.
Yet it’s also strange not having the dependency of being in hospital – no regular tests, no hospital routine. Yesterday we went to the warfarin clinic which I’ll need to be on for ever and a day. Rat poison, I ask you! Aside from ‘moderate alcohol’, I can no longer drink cranberry juice. Now I want to be drinking cranberry juice.
My parents took me shopping, in a wheelchair, afterwards and I mischievously told staff I had no idea who these people were and for Security to GET HELP.
Today a visit from the nurse and I find out I’m anaemic and have low blood pressure. I need to eat nuts…
So I’m staying with my parents for a couple of weeks starting a 3 month rehabilitation programme. Every now and then I hear the click of my new heart valve which is disconcerting. Especially when it’s nowhere near the disco minimum of 120 BPM …


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