Evacuation and flood!

Just come across this from a couple of years ago – it was intended as an update when I was in hospital, and trying to blog some of my experiences in the ‘here and now’ S At the time, the ward I was on flooded after several days of torrential thunderstorms and rains…I suspect my concentration was shot to pot because what I thought was a complete posting turns out instead to be a partial musing. Our entire ward was evacuated for a few hours – nto only did they have to clean up the flood, sort out plumbers, but also make sure there was a proper clean before we could return. I had swanned off to the toilet in my new Dr Who bathrobe on a toilet break – by the time I came out, all hell had broken loose and i was just grateful to find out it had nothing to do with my toilet break. However, I got lovely comments on my attire, and it even prompted one rather handsome staff nurse to sit on my bed and share his TARDIS i-phone cover with me. I recall we had to eat lunch on a spontaneous table arranged in a store cupboard. Quie a debacle, all in all. But two years ago all I managed to explain was this …

>>So, would you believe the washsink on the hospital ward broke, flooding the whole ward and causing it to be evacuated for 7 hours? Not quite beds in corridors but have spent the day also waiting for a blood test that never came and still no sign of going home ….


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