There Were These Two Nuns In A Bar ….

I’ve just added a bit more of my writing/directing/performing portfolio on my page for Other Projects.  There’s an anecdote in one of the books about Sister Beladonna and Sister Frigidity,  two Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence, in the Coleherne Bar in London.  And, faithful reader, it’s all true. I know, for I was that sister …

So it happened that Sister Belladonna was in his rubber habit and I was wearing my mini with fishnets, and we were having a pint with the regulars at the Coleherne in Earl’s Court, London. Exactly a year ago, we had first worn our habits at the same pub, to join a demonstration against the local police who’d raided the Coleherne and harassed customers. While we were supping our bevies, a leather queen started chatting to us. All of a sudden, he burst into tears. ‘Why me?’ he asked. ‘I must deserve it.’ ‘Bullshit,’ we replied, bought him a drink and discussed the effects of moralising, guilt and stigma surrounding HIV. After drying the tears and a drink or two, like a phoenix he clambered up onto a pool table, which had been used for a stage by a stripper earlier that evening. Once upon a time, the leather queen had been a drag performer, and he started to dance one of his routines. Salome could not have been more beautiful. So there were two gay male nuns and an ex-drag queen, surrounded by butch leather clones. It may not have been Kansas, but it was some kind of home. Dolphins can swim, drag queens can dance, but we can all be heroes.


Preface, Impertinent Decorum: Gay Theatrical Manoeuvres (Cassell, 1994)



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