Free Reads from Lukas Scott

I’ve added a couple of links to some of my queerotica  (adult content) short stories. They’re both included in the collection A Happy Finish. You can read more about my work on the Lukas Scott page.

Scar was written based on experiences in hospital. I was tended to by a rather dishy and handsome nurse who used to eat crisps in the morning hand-over meetngs. He was planning his wedding, and I often overheard some of the plans between him and his fiancee (also a nurse on the ward.) He offered me a bed bath, and I felt embarrassed. I’m hoping he’ll still be working there when I return in a few weeks. This time,I’ll say yes to the bed bath.

The Clone Zone is a darker sci-fi and erotica work, originally published at the MindCaviar website. What happens if Narcissus creates a clone? In my mind, it’d be a great short film. So do get in contact if you have a vision …

2 comments on “Free Reads from Lukas Scott

  1. […] is  probably responsible for my first historical queerotica novels Hot On The Trail and Legion Of Lust, where I reimagiined history from a queer perspective. Most of what I experienced at school got […]


  2. […] (which, to be honest, I should be working on finishing now),  and a collection of short stories A Happy Finish. Both novels have touched on my experiences of being broken, or beautful fragility and resilience. […]


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